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Business Network Platform for Visibility and Transparency

An integration and Business Network Platform (BPNP) solution is required to help improve the efficiency and productivity of business activities. This technology assists companies in managing their supply chains more effectively by providing an interface between internal and external organizations. This helps the businesses integrate orders, contracts, and communications with other entities thereby reducing errors and wastages. The platform also offers visibility of the various activities undertaken with the supply chain. It enables the users to make informed decisions on issues such as inventory control, inventory tracking, and contract management.

Since the introduction of BPNP solutions many developments have come into being, each with their own advantages. It was only a matter of time before we get to see digital business networks integrating these business application solutions. Before that however, there are four phases involved in the development of a platform which ultimately results in its success or failure:

Research and analysis The first phase of the BPNP project involves the research and analysis of existing supply chain applications and their weaknesses. This will involve a comparison of the business networks being used by the various organizations. The aim of this phase is to identify which application or applications would be able to provide the best solution for the problems being faced. Based on the analysis the developers choose a platform that best suits the organization's requirements. In case of large organizations, a data integration platform would be needed which has enough functionality. To understand the topic even better, then read more here: 

Integration Design The second phase involves creating a custom-made platform for the BPNP application. The AYA fintech network developers use the information gained during the first phase to determine the requirements of the organization. Once the developers are sure of the need of the organization, they can design the platform in a manner so that it matches the organization's needs perfectly. Once the platform is ready it goes for integration so that all the involved stakeholders have access to it. The benefit of a single platform includes reduced costs and simplification of the application development process.

Visibility and Transparency One of the biggest benefits of a platform which has been developed by an expert team is the visibility and transparency it provides. By getting a single dashboard to manage the different elements of the business network such as trading partners, orders, sales, inventory and order details, the visibility and transparency are enhanced. The platform also ensures that the different business elements are visible to all the stakeholders in the organization. By doing this it reduces the time and effort spent on updating the information for different stakeholders. Browse more on this website, to understand more on this page.

Transparency is again another feature which increases the value of a BPNP. By providing clear visibility of business elements to all the involved stakeholders, it enables them to make informed decisions and implement them quickly. This results in increased long-term cooperation between the organizations and enhances the value of the platform. Get a general overview of the topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business.

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